Benchworks is a specialist interior contractor with extensive experience in the Retail & Commercial and the Museum & Heritage sectors. We have a reputation for excellence which is built upon a solid foundation of technical expertise, the highest quality manufacturing values and unsurpassed design development skills.



The capabilities of our Drawing Office has made Benchworks a market-leader in the development of design intent and specification, even where projects arrive with us as little more than a concept.  We present Design Development as drawings, samples and mock-ups for client approval, breaking down all information into individual components. Each part is scrutinised, resolving all conflict during drawing, prior to manufacture and installation.



Manufacturing to the highest standards is carried out by skilled trades and craftsmen in our 13,000 square feet workshops, employing CNC production and spray paint-finishing resources. Installations are completed by our own highly experienced personnel.

Because our Design Development considers every aspect of a project and its interaction with others, installation is as efficient and cost-effective as possible; not just for Benchworks but also for sub-contractors, object handlers and other specialists.



Meticulous project planning compliments our design development and manufacturing processes to enable installation without unnecessary disruption. Benchworks’ expertise includes estimating and cost control, project programming, CDM compliance, quality control assurance and acting as principal contractor.

Pre-fabrication is extensive and pre-building is undertaken to prove accuracy of fit and test installation time. As a result, on-site operations such as cutting and machining are kept to a minimum, significantly reducing dust and noise nuisance.